Brother Bind is about


Connecting people through books, reading, and sharing knowledge.


Collaborating with others to inpsire ideas and progress.


Encouraging people to read and learn for the purpose of empowering themselves to take action.


Inspiring people to continuously acquire, share, applying knowledge. This is the true power of knowledge.

Together through the pages we rise

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Brother Bind welcomes you!

Brother Bind strives to bring people together through the art of reading. Brother Bind seeks to accomplish this through its BookTube (YouTube) channel; facilitating book clubs; and hosting Vine & Verse, and engagement event; and leading initiatives to increase reading.

Brother Bind BookTube Channel
If you are not familiar with BookTube, it is a collection of YouTube channels led by a vibrant community of book vloggers (video log) who talk about all things bookish. If you are an avid reader, google "BookTube" or "BookTubers". Brother Bind's BookTube channel format slightly differs from the typical BookTube format of individuals sharing their thoughts, opinions and reviews about books. The Brother Bind channel features book clubs and guest readers which offers our audience diverse perspectives on books.

Vine & Verse
Vine & Verse is an engagement event that brings readers together to exchange ideas and have progressive conversations while enjoying wine in a relaxed social atmosphere. Vine & Verse is one of serveral I M collaborative achievement relationship development (CARD) engagement development events. Others include All About the Notes and Power Brunch.

Go & Grow - Read to Succeed
Brother Bind facilitates the Go and Grow - Read to Succeed initiative led by the I M Possible brand Field of Dreams.

Brother Bind fosters seeks to foster the thrill of reading, learning, and growing. Please tune-in and join our efforts to inspire others to learn and grow through reading and exchanging progressive thoughts.

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